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Your life story online and in print


Welcome to – this is a system that simplifies the process for those wishing to tell and record their life stories. It enables the easy and cost-effective online production of an actual book and it will preserve the story online for generations to come.

I have developed this system as a result of my own journey that proved to be very rewarding.

The admiration of my own parents led me to suggest to my mum Lillian – after my father Noel had passed away – that (with my help) she should share her life story. Mum was keen and the journey for both of us has been neat. My late father took photos and was good at recording and documenting things. Mum was involved as well, but dad was certainly the leader when it came to documenting the past. In putting her book together (the pilot for this system), mum really enjoyed delving into those old albums and files and also the records of her late parents. Along the way I have discovered things about my mum and dad and their families. It has been truly fascinating.

The journey has led me to believe that all people in their later years should record their life stories. To preserve the past for the generations ahead. So the concept of a simple life story publishing system was born. It certainly helped that I owned a company capable of book printing as well as design and web development!

The 'My Life Story Book' System includes:-

  • Book created easily using online system – loading content online.
  • Hard copy books can be produced easily and economically from that content.
  • Life story of the person is online forever.
  • The Life Stories are fully searchable online.
  • Online version of the book.

The ‘My Life Story Book’ concept is that the life stories of those using the system will be recorded online for future generations to learn about their great grandparents, great great grandparents etc. whenever they want to. It will all be searchable online. This system also ensures that actual hard-copy printed books can be produced very economically at the time of publishing, so living relatives and friends can have an actual tangible copy. Affordability is key ingredient of the whole system.

While the end result – the actual story – will be very special to families, the process of getting there should not be underestimated either. Working together with my mum on the content for her book has been a special time. And I know mum has appreciated the help. If you are the son, daughter, grandchild or great grandchild of a senior person then I can highly recommend helping and encouraging that person to tell their story. That might mean recording their story. It might mean typing up their story on computer. It might mean proof-reading/editing their story along the way and giving them advice on what should be included. It may mean helping them to go over their photo albums and choosing and scanning the photos.

I assure you you’ll love using our ‘My Life Story Book’ system and the satisfaction at the end of your family journey.

– Aidan Bennett, QSM