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Your life story online and in print

The System - How it Works

The aim of the ‘My Life Story Book’ is to provide a system that’s very simple to use.

On this website there is an example pilot book that clearly demonstrates what the end product will look like. We also have an instructional video on this site as well. The concept is based on producing a simple and structured book. So some of the style is fixed, but the content of every book will be delightfully different!

THE COVER – You have cover options (number of photos/colours etc.) and layouts to choose from.

THE BOOK INFORMATION PAGES – Credits & Info. You will simply fill in standard information for these pages.

THE CONTENTS PAGE – This will be automatically compiled from the final Chapter titles you choose.

THE FOREWORD – You also have the option to include a Foreword for the book that would be written by someone other than the person the book is about. You can choose not to have a Foreword but we encourage you to have this and it is written by a family member or long-time friend. It is also a nice touch to have a photo of that person or the two of you.

MY ORIGINS (Simple Family Tree) – You also have the option to include a simple family tree after The Foreword. This is a simple list of the Mother & Father & generations of Grandparents etc. that have come before.

NOTE: Should you want a more detailed Family Tree, and can provide the information in a tree form, we do offer a service to illustrate this in a more detailed way (at an additional cost).

CHAPTERS – The way this system is structured each chapter consists of TEXT pages first, followed by the option to include photo pages (photos with captions) pertaining to the chapter after the text in the chapter.

WORDS OF WISDOM – Our advice is that the writer/subject should be encouraged to provide a final feature/chapter in the book that creates an appropriate finish. We have called this WORDS OF WISDOM. We encourage you to use your life experiences to pass on your wisdom to others – present and in the future. Your book will be read by those who will be born in the decades to come.

The content of the book is created simply by UPLOADING text and photographs (jpeg files).

We encourage you to watch the instruction video to learn more before starting.